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Decking everything with holly seems like a good idea at the time, but in hindsight, it reeks havoc on your body. If you plan on knocking back a few too many cocktails at the staff Christmas party, enlist some of my tips below to prevent those next day demons - start the silly season right with these simple steps to keep your body in tip-top shape.

Fiber is your friend – Before the onslaught of drink and food comes to play, fill your body with high fiber fruit and vegetables. The addition of extra fiber in your diet will help to give your bowels a little pre-cleanse and promote optimum digestion when your body needs it most!

Get Alkaline – Alcohol and processed foods can throw out your body’s pH balance and turn it acidic. An acidic body is not good. Counteract this with vegetables! Add to every meal in the lead up to party season to help keep that alkaline state.

Move, move, move – don't let the late nights and throbbing heads keep you from moving. When manageable, get the blood pumping and sweat out those toxins – the added endorphins will also be a bonus and could help you back up the next night!

Eat Asparagus – Did you know asparagus is good for the liver? Give your liver a little TLC by consuming asparagus pre and post alcohol consumption. Bake, grill, bbq…it's a very versatile veg.

Say no to coffee – post 3pm that is. Like alcohol, caffeine is metabolized in the liver. If you are planning on knocking a few back in the evening, cut the caffeine from 3pm to take the stress off this vital organ.

Keep your gut happy – if you know it’s going to be a hectic season, opt to take a daily probiotic supplement to help keep your gut happy. Natural yoghurts are also a good addition to the menu. Try adding to your morning smoothie!

Above all, look after yourselves and each other. For more tips and tricks for this holiday season, give us a like on Facebook and follow us on Instagram for fresh daily updates!

Stay jolly,