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The summer months are drawing to a close, the kids are back at school and work just upped the anti. Holiday vibes are officially over. And as is so commonly the case, our immunity goes with it. The sudden change of pace leaves our bodies feeling run down, tired and cold laden. Here is where blended come in - your one stop shop for your fresh, fit and fast immunity booster!

Meet HORSING AROUND – a friend to all troubled immunities. The tripod combination of carrot, orange and ginger packs a mean vitamin C punch. Whilst the apple gives you a little added health bonus.

Carrot –although great for your skin, eyes and teeth – it is also loaded with vitamin C; needed to create a natural protective shield for the body. Vitamin C increases the level of antibodies in your system which stimulates white blood cell production and destroys foreign bacteria!

Orange – One medium orange contains 120 percent of your daily recommended vitamin C! Adequate levels of vitamin C also act as an antioxidant which acts to wipe out and free radicals in the body – this action will reduce premature aging and disease. Flue fighting and age defying!

Ginger – Every morning my Grandma takes a vitamin C tablet that contains ginger. And she very rarely gets sick. There is something to say about that ginger - a hot, fragrant spice whose anti-viral qualities have been used throughout time. As an added bonus, ginger has been proven to help with arthritis, fevers, headaches, toothaches, coughs cholesterol and blood-pressure.

Apple – Adding some well needed zest to the drink, the green apples health benefits should not be overlooked. Its mineral and vitamin content are up there with the best of them and is a must for overall health and well-being.

Don't let that common cold get the better of you this month. If you are in Central, blended is now whizzing up fresh smoothies at HSBC Pacific Coffee! Or if you’re a south-sider, get down to Chicken on the Run at The Pulse for your much needed immunity boost.

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Yours in immunity,