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Last week I had the privilege of taking part in the Hong Kong Rugby Unions national tour to Kenya for a pre-season hit-out against the Kenyan national side. Touring with the Hong Kong squad is certainly a highlight for me; I was looking forward to immersing myself within the local culture and especially seeing what local produce was on offer.

Some of you might be surprised to learn that Kenya isn’t all dusty plane boasting picturesque sunsets and herds of free roaming wildlife. The city of Nairobi – the original safari – has quickly developed into a bustling metropolis, complete with a CBD and every amenity you can find in London. The roads are tarmac, there are 50ft high billboards entering the CBD and in many places you can order a Caesar salad to go. The one thing missing was a good old smoothie bar.

So alas I couldn’t get my daily blended fix. However I did manage to sample some of the local produce – and each would be a welcome daily addition to my personal routine. Everything is grown locally from farms and plantations. There was fruit everywhere you looked! Market style pop ups lined the busy streets and boasted my personal favourites; passion fruits, pineapples and Kenyan pawpaws.

The Kenyan highlands are where most of these fruits are produced, where the climate is cool and wet – perfect tropical conditions for these types of fruits. And whilst the fruit is generally grown to feed the local communities, foreign investments from public and private entities have nurtured a growth in the countries horticulture business. Today, fruit export is one of Kenya’s biggest exports.

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