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One of the greatest things about living in Hong Kong is the unexpected, lush, undulating hiking trails we have access to. Hong Kong Island, Kowloon, Sai Kung and the surrounding islands, are all home to some pretty terrific tracks. One of my all-time favourite mountains is on my door step. To some, the mere mention of its name gives them the heeby-jeebies, but once conquered, it will be imprinted in your mind forever.

Of course I’m talking about The Twins, or triplets as is should more justly be recognised as. This Hong Kong island hike has a reputation that proceeds itself. It is tough, but it’s short and sweet and very doable. An average walker could bang this out in 2 hours, which is very convenient if you don't want to spend you whole weekend in your sporting gear. Here are my top reasons why you need to give this one a crack this weekend – whilst the weather lasts!

Location, location, location – located on Hong Kong Island, The Twins is a hike that journeys from Tai Tam to Stanley. Which way you go is up to you, for me, I like to start at Tai Tam and end up at the Stanley end. From the northwest side of the Island (SYP, Sheung Wan, Mid Levels) it’ll take you 20 minutes in a cab to get there which is very minimal travel time for a pretty sensational destination.

[Get your taxi to take you to Parkview. The start of the walk is on the same side as the entrance to Parkview. HK Trail markers will be on the opposite side of the street. 50 meters down the hill from these signs you will see a trail map at the bottom of stairs. The only way is up!]

Fitness – What goes up must come down, and this is true for The Twins. There are plenty of ups but also some welcomed downs so don't wig out too much when you hit that first incline. All fitness levels will be challenged by this hike – run, walk, plod – it’s going to get your ticker ticking – which is a good thing!

How’s the serenity – Throughout the walk you are stunned by Hong Kong’s natural beauty. Visitors are always shocked at the contrasting vistas that you see on this path. Clouds or sunshine, Insta-worthy snaps are sure to be found.

The best part? Coming down those last steps and catching a bus to Repulse Bay for a refreshing blended smoothie from Chicken on the Run! A Grade-A start to any day.

Happy hiking,