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As any athlete would know, in order to regain and return to your optimal pre-workout state, your post-workout nutrition is key. Whether you’re pounding the pavement or hitting the weights, the human body responds in the same way; glycogen stores are used up, fluid balance is out and both your muscles and red blood cells begin a breakdown process. What you consume within the 30 minutes following your regime will dictate how you recover and your ongoing performance.

Meet The Recovery – blended’s answer for all you aspiring athletes. The Recovery was designed with the above in mind and has been a constant in my personal athletic journey. Currently The Recovery is being freshly blended up at Pacific Coffee in the HSBC Main Building, Central and is often a feature on my events menu (more pick up points coming).

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Protein to assist with muscle repairThe Recovery contains 25g of chocolate protein powder. Protein is key in repairing damaged muscle tissue and ultimately helping you bounce back quicker.

Replenish glycogen stores – Pushing our bodies during training requires the call up of our glycogen stores. Replenishing these store helps in the initiation of muscle synthesis. The banana in this smoothie not only provides great taste and texture, but adds a simple carbohydrate to the mix where it is digested quickly and converted to glucose to help boost your glycogen stores. The fiber will also help you feel full and satisfied.

Restore lost fluid and electrolytes from sweating –When we exercise, we sweat and through our sweat we lose essential electrolytes that are needed to maintain our fluid balance. Coconut water is nature’s best hydrator. Loaded with potassium and sodium, coconut water will help your fluid balance to return to normal. It’s also low in calories and antioxidant rich.

Don't undo all your hard work. Get recovering with The Recovery – brought to you by blendedhk – find us on Facebook and follow us on Instagram for fresh daily updates!

Yours in recovery,