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Did you know a diet rich in vitamins and minerals is the best way for employers to promote a healthy workforce, contain rising healthcare expenses and improve productivity among employees? For those skeptics out there, here are a couple of quick stats to get you questioning your daily routine:

  • Employees who eat a healthy diet are 25% more likely to have higher job performance
  • Sick days are 27% lower for workers who eat healthy and exercise regularly


In short; healthy employees = productivity! Which is where blended comes in. Blended – Hong Kong’s most talked about smoothie brand - can provide you with a healthy alternative at your next corporate function. Freshly made smoothies and juices, blended on site with wholesome fruits and vegetables – perfect for promoting health and wellness amongst your team.

Founded by Hong Kong rugby player, Jonny Rees, blended is the product of industry experience combined with a passion for health and nutrition. “As a professional athlete and to achieve my goals, I needed to fuel my body with the best, most efficient sources of energy. In my time training and playing rugby, nutrition became key in keeping me functioning at optimal levels and keeping my productivity up – both on and off the field.”

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And what’s more we are environmentally friendly - all our cups are biodegradable so you can rest assured we are supporting a clean Hong Kong – that is delicious, loaded with essential vitamins and minerals your colleagues and clients will love!

Pick and choose from our diverse menu and we will come to you, blenders in hand. All of our smoothies and juices are made fresh on site and designed with your health and vitality in mind, so you know you are getting it at its best! Get in touch here today for more information.

One of our happy customers....

“THANK you for doing a wonderful job at all four health fairs! You did such a great job, the juices and snacks were great and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend you guys for other events” - JP Morgan