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Hong Kong is finally getting a taste of summer, so in ode of the sunshine and in hope of good weather to come, I’m going to do a quick sum up of my favourite beach spots in Hong Kong!


Sheko beach

The rustic charm of Sheko town is enough of a draw card to this beach. The beach itself can get a little crowded on weekends with families of inflatable dinosaurs, dolphins and boats on display. However, ringed by high rolling hills a dramatic cliff faces, it's a nice contrast to the city scape of Central Hong Kong. And Sheko Village itself is worth a visit, with some great local eateries as well as some modern fare. Bens back beach bar is also a great spot for afternoon sundowners.

Getting there: Get a group together, take a taxi.

Big wave bay

Hong Kong’s official surf beach! However don't let the name fool you, although this beach has become popular with Hong Kong surfers, drawn by waves whipped up by winds from both the north-west and east. The wind swells are consistent, but at weekends you'll be competing for them – if there are any. Sand is clean, waters clear and there are plenty of kiosks for a refreshing afternoon icy pole (or fresh coconut).

Getting there: Get a group together, take a taxi.

South Bay Beach

South Bay Beach is a great alternative to the more popular and crowded Repulse Beach. However it can draw a crowd on the weekends. The beach offers spectacular views, crisp sand and swimmable waters. And it’s close to central!

Getting there: Take bus 6, 6A, 6X, 66 or 260 from Exchange Square Bus Terminus and get off at Repulse Bay. Either take a taxi from Repulse Bay to South Bay or walk for about 30 minutes.

Repulse bay

A nice big wide open sea for swimming is my draw to Repulse. Not known for its super clear waters (!!!) a short swim out to the many pontoons proves a refreshing weekend must. You are also spoiled for choice with food and beverages - The pulse offers a range of options. On a Saturday morning join in on the Hong Kong Hairy Crabs for a run, swim, run followed by a hearty breakfast – and smoothie – before basking in the sun for the day. A Saturday well spent!

Getting there: Bus from Central (numbers 6, 6A, 260, 6X), from Causeway Bay and North Point (numbers 63, 65), or even from Tsim Sha Tsui on Kowloon side (number 973), marked to Stanley. Or get a taxi.

Deep Water Bay

As the closest beach to the city, it's an easy destination to pop into for a refreshing morning or afternoon swim. With lots of trees, there is the nice option to relax in the shade and the Thai restaurant will crack you a fresh coconut!
Getting there: Bus numbers 6X and 260 goes to Deep Water Bay from Central. From Causeway Bay and North Point numbers 63 and 65, TST numbers 973


Tai Long Wan

Pristine sands, fresh, clear water. It’s hard to believe this beach is located in Hong Kong but lucky for us locals, it is! Located within the Maclehose Trail, you have to trek to get here. Weekends you will find campers and surfers here. On a good day, one of the four cafes might be open for food and surfboard hire.
Getting there: From Sai Kung bus terminus, take bus 94 to Pak Tam Au and then follow the MacLehose Trail eastwards to Ham Tin Beach at Tai Long Wan. The walk takes about 90 minute. Getting out – I highly recommend the fast boat back to Sai Kung Village!

Chung chau windsurf beach

The little known island of Chung Chau has some great beaches and some cheap accommodation if you are looking for a little getaway. Windsurf Beach is great fun, where a curving sand beach is open at the left for windsurfers and small boats to get in and out. Hong Kong's own and only Olympic gold medalist, Lee Lai-shan (aka San San), honed her windsurfing skills here to win at Atlanta in 1996. 
Getting there: Ferries to Cheung Chau go frequently from the Central ferry piers

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